My Name is Margot Wells

My mission is to make everyone run faster. 

Every person from the slowest to the quickest is capable of improving their speed. I have coached Olympic 100m gold medalist to sportspeople in most sports with great success in all areas of performance. Now I need to teach everyone else the secrets of my success 

How to Run Faster Programs

The 6 Week Run Faster Fitness Program

 A 6 week program that guarantees that you will:

  • Run Faster
  • Run faster for longer
  • Recover quicker
  • Become stronger
  • Stronger for longer
  • Perform better
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Ask the Speed Coach Membership

  • You'll learn from a world-renowned expert in speed and power training.
  • You'll get a personalized training plan that is tailored to your individual needs.
  • You'll learn how to eat and hydrate to support your training.
  • You'll learn how to recover from workouts and prevent injuries.
  • You'll get access to a community of like-minded athletes who are also committed to improving their performance.
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Who is Margot

I'm Margot Wells, a former international sprinter and the founder of Wellfast. I've spent years developing training programs that focus on speed and power development, and have worked with a variety of athletes and coaches in different sports. I'm also proud to have helped my husband Allan Wells M.B.E. win the Olympic 100m gold medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. My passion for running fast and helping others achieve their goals has led me to create Wellfast, a program that simplifies the theory and provides practical and effective methods for improving speed and power. I believe that anyone can experience the joy of running fast, and I'm dedicated to helping athletes and coaches unlock their full potential.

More About Me

What Margot's Squad have to say about her...

Ellie green rugby player

Numerous coaches have told me I was slow and needed to improve my speed and until I started working with Margot I had never managed to see improvement. Even after one session I felt and believed I was quicker and more efficient. Margot has transformed my body and the way I train, after every session with her I see improvements. She is the best in the business and the best I’ve ever worked with!



Ollie Thorley

Margot showed me what high performance looked like. As a young rugby player I hadn’t been exposed to the level of detail that was needed to achieve what I wanted to. This has been both on a mental and physical level. The fiddlies in particular have helped me use my body how I want to on the pitch, without being restricted by past injuries or poor posture.  I’ll always be grateful for Margot’s wisdom and guidance. X


Harry Faulkner

‘Margot is a very determined and talented coach. Her coaching surpasses anything I have experienced before. The training Margot provides benefits every aspect of my game especially the finer details. Margot’s attention to detail is one of her greatest strengths, making sure every aspect of training is beneficial to you, allowing you to constantly improve. Being able to train with Margot is a privilege and I’m in a very fortunate position.’

Mike Brown

I’ve been working with Margot for about 15 years. She’s been a great support in my rugby career and the best coach I’ve had.
She has an incredible ability to be able to see how an athletes body is working and improve its functionality.
She’s helped me increase my speed and power considerably, overcome injury and raise my performance to a high level consistently.
Margot’s training programmes are always specific to what my needs are as an athlete, what training or games I have coming up, how I’m feeling physically and mentally, and what I need to improve or fix.
She also cares about the athletes she trains and helping them achieve, more than any coach I’ve had in my career. Her commitment is unmatched and she expects the same from her athletes.

Kyle Sinckler 

I’ve been working with Margot since 2017. When I first arrived I was an athlete who had numerous issues mainly soft tissue. She immediately fixed those issues within weeks and I’ve managed to stay relatively fit since working together.

Working with Margot has given me the confidence to go out and perform to the best of my abilities on the biggest stage. Her attention to detail, her eye for problem solving issues that arise in the body. Is nothing I’ve ever seen before in my career. Her love for speed and power has definitely rubbed off in my game and helped me massively.
Most of all though, is the care she has for athletes. Whatever the time, location or situation. She will always make time for her athletes. Im grateful for our time together - long may it continue.


Steven Sessignon footballer

Margot wells is a very intelligent trainer. Since my first session I felt a comfort she knew exactly what she was doing and still continues to surprise me with some magical exercises and sessions that when I felt really bad or was struggling with something she got me to a really good place. For me the most impressive thing was how refreshing her sessions are, I’d describe them as different. Although she sets high standards, when I first started I felt they were really hard to reach but overtime I’m so glad I stuck through it and come out a stronger and better athlete. I would recommend to anyway who’s looking to improve themselves.